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Duane Reichert

45 Minutes of Fun

Duane Reichert transforms himself from street clothes to the unique, outlandish costume, make-up, and mannerisms of a professional rodeo clown.  With the use of short comedy skits and animals, he shares the dangers, the comedy relief and the suspense surrounding his life

Duane is part of North and South Dakota's Arts Council - Touring Arts

Treat your students to a one of a kind performance by rodeo clown Duane Reichert. K-12 students from the mountains of British Columbia, Canada to the swamps of Florida and from Arizona's Navaho Nation to the shores of Long Island have been captivated by his presentation.

Theater is not limited to a velvet-curtained stage, and drama has many faces. Duane presents a performance genre unique to culture of the American West - the rodeo clown.  Reichert opens a dramatic, colorful world to students.  He can comfortably perform for an audience of up to 200 in an outdoor setting.  A one-day engagement will include three to five sessions. 

Reichert has performed before an estimated six million rodeo fans throughout North America in nearly 40 years of experience as a rodeo clown.